18 Habits To Start In Your 20s (That Will Pay Off For The Rest Of Your Life)

Thumbs up to Thought Catalog here. These type of articles are trending at the moment, and usually the list of 25 things to do before your 25 or top 10’s are lacking in substance but not this one. Really quite relevant but what I have come to learn is that if you are not ready to accept the change it simply won’t happen, so my number 1 would be work on getting to know yourself, what you need and what it takes to get you moving!!

Thought Catalog

1. Start saving money. Put away $20 a week. Pay yourself with every paycheck. Keep a jar of change on your desk. Give yourself a dollar every time you work out. Ask your company about the ins and outs of 401(k)s. Whatever it takes, it’s better to get a handle on your money now rather than sing all summer, grasshopper.

2. Learn how to do your taxes. There is a land in between handing them off to your parents and being able to afford someone to do your taxes for you, and it is called self-sufficiency. Set up camp there. There’s tons of software and services that will help you. But if you can do it on your own, you’ll never find yourself stuck if you can’t get help one year.

3. As much as it’s financially and otherwise possible, invest in the things that matter. Buy a piece of…

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